Are You Ready for Online Shows?  

Taking great videos of your livestock can be frustrating, but it shouldn't keep you from showcasing the work your family has done with their projects. If you want to participate in online shows, you're going to need a great video.

Our online course, The Complete Guide to Creating Winning Videos for Online Livestock Shows, will make the process easy!  

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What's it take to win an online show?

If you're interested in competing in online shows, you still need to prepare your animal for the judge, but you'll also need to know how to capture a great video of that animal as well. 

In the course, we'll teach you everything you need to know to make a great video of your project, in one take, with no editing, using nothing but your phone! 

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Inside the course, you'll learn

The 4 Key Principles of Every Winning Video

Presentation. Proximity. Pattern. Pace. A show-winning video entry is going to get these four things right. We tell you what they are and show you exactly how to use them to your advantage inside the course. 

How to Pick the Right Lighting to Make Your Animal Look Amazing

Knowing how to capture your animals in the right light can make a huge difference in their appearance. We teach you how to film at the right time of day, right direction, and right weather conditions for any animal of any color. 

How to Select a Great Video Location

Choosing a great location for filming your animals is very important to making sure they look their best on film. In the course, you'll learn how to pick a great video backdrop and how to prepare your picture area. 

How to Nail the Shot Using Nothing but Your Phone

From camera settings to stabilizing your footage, this online course is packed with tips we learned from filming thousands of animals. Best of all, we'll show you how to nail the shot using nothing but your phone. 


How to Ensure You're Prepared to Shoot

In the course, you'll gain access to PDF downloads that include a shooting checklist and a series of patterns you can use to ensure you're capturing the best angle of your animals no matter the rules of the show. 

FREE Course Bonus!

If you purchase the course, you'll receive access to an exclusive Facebook Group where we'll work together to keep tabs on the evolution of online shows and answer your questions!

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With the course, you'll receive... 

  • Instant, on-demand, lifetime access to 12 video lessons (one hour of content) taught by B.J. Eick
  • PDF download showcasing different patterns of livestock and camera movement to help you capture the best angles of your animal
  • PDF Download checklist to help you prepare for filming your project
  • BONUS! Exclusive access to a members-only Facebook Group where we'll continue learning and growing together as online shows continue to evolve
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