3 Questions to Ask before You Upgrade Your Photography Equipment


I get it! I really do! New gear is so tempting! More often than not, however, it's a completely unnecessary purchase. For years, when the hot new camera was released, I had to be the first to try it. I was a pro, so I wanted to use the new technology that promised to make my images better. And, while the technology almost always delivered as promised, I promise you it wasn't always the best investment of my precious financial resources. 

Here are three tips, and a portion of a video straight out of Module 3 of The Complete Guide to Cattle & Livestock Photography to help you decide if it's the right time to purchase new equipment.

1. Can I explain it to a pro? Before you purchase new equipment you should be able to explain to a professional in your field exactly why the technical specs of the new equipment will help you achieve your photography goals. 

2. Can I pay cash? Money doesn't grow on trees. If you can't pay cash for your new equipment, you better use the equipment you already have to take some more photos and earn some more paychecks. Saving money to buy equipment will make the purchase a whole lot sweeter, and it will make your new investment a lot more profitable. 

3. How will I use this equipment to pay for itself? Your purchase plan should include a strategy for how you're going to use the new equipment to pay for itself. What will your new equipment do that adds value to the work that you provide?  If you go from a $1,000 camera to a $3,500 camera, your pictures cost more money to make, so it should cost your customers more money to buy them too, especially since you know that your new tech upgrade is truly delivering a higher quality image. (See #1!) 

Seriously, this is just one short segment from just one of the more than 40 lessons and 6+ hours of video in The Complete Guide to Cattle & Livestock Photography - you should check it out before we close enrollment on February 19!

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